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Brain Dump 2014-16-01

  1. Web Based Editor: Ace HTML5 embedable Code Editor and it has VIM keybindings!!!!
  2. Rise for ios: Don't use Rise for iOS as it doesn't always ring to; I don't know wake you up!
  3. Typecast is a cool way to test out fonts stored on Google Fonts. Check it out here.
  4. White Noise: A Soft Murmur is a very cool white noise generator.

An Ode to the Dollar Store

I love shopping at dollar stores. They're densely packed bazaars of western commerce.

Products are cheap, off brands are cheaper, and whatever you're looking for is only a few steps away instead of miles at the larger stores.

In catering to these stores brand name companies decided cheaper prices equal smaller sizes. You know what, that suites my lifestyle fine. In fact I prefer it. Tiny containers mean more portable and less waste than shopping at the Costcos and Sam's Clubs out there.

Obviously not all is good. When purchasing products such as meat or cheese, quality trumps these tiny shops, but for most other fare you can't beat the obnoxious yellow Dollar General sign down the way.

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“Tools with more than one purpose usually suck, while those with focus flourish – Joe The Riot

Quick Quote

Cat Logic: “The absence of logic is cat.” – Joe The Riot


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